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Ages 21 and up
Thursday, March 30
Doors: 10pm // Show: 10pm

HEATED is a multi-format journey through a piping hot stew of the universe’s hottest dance floor sounds, combining sultry House, torrid Techno, spicy Drum & Bass, incendiary Electro, and more. Some of Philadelphia’s best underground selectors are here to sear your feet with scorching beats. So jump on in – it’s HEATED!


Ayopvpi is what we call left overs, not bad not good but just enjoy the time before his rapidly approaching expiration date. Which cannot come soon enough.

Space Heaters
Philadelphia’s premiere niche Internet microzaddy, Space Heaters is a musical supernova, exploding out from the cold vacuum of Twitch to light up the dance floor. He’s also a DJ! Space Heaters is here to play dance music and eat ice cream, and he’s all out of ice cream.

Shannon Ryley
Shannon Ryley is a new Philly artist specializing in all forms of house and techno. If she’s not behind the booth she’s front and center on the dance floor bustin mooooooves

SupaEXE is an multi-talented Philadelphian Open-Format DJ, specializing in Techno, Drum & Bass, Synthwave, Deep House & a heavy focus on curating dynamic, loud & unapologetic sounds, specific to everyone who sat at the “Weird Kid Table” at lunchtime, in hopes that they’ll act exactly the same.

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