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Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, October 24
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7:30pm

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM

“Limitations are key for us,” says John Newton, drummer and vocalist in JOHN. “I never view being a two-piece as a minus – it’s a key idiosyncratic element of what the project is.” For the last decade, the duo of Newton and Johnny Healey have constantly redefined and expanded the role, function and parameters of what a guitar and drum two-piece can be, with a sense of balance, contrast and duality fundamentally at the heart of JOHN. They are an outfit who on the surface are stripped back to a bare bones essence, a format perhaps lazily synonymous with just primitive rock, yet their work is richly layered and multifaceted – resulting in something that eschews and evades easy genre categorisation. This is crystalised in the band’s name too. “It’s a statement against colouring the music with superfluous attachments,” explains Newton. “It says: ‘we’re not going to be sensational’. It doesn’t mean to say it’s not intensely theatrical but I think there’s enough theatre in the actual energy that’s on the stage.” The band have a rich history of independence and doing things for themselves and as a result they have shaped every aspect of JOHN with great thought and detail. They formed their own label Pets Care Records and built up such momentum that they were invited to support bands such as IDLES, Mclusky, Viagra Boys and METZ and by the time of their second album, 2019’s, Out Here On The Fringes, they found themselves in Top 40 of the UK Independent Vinyl Chart and recording a live session for the esteemed US radio station KEXP. 2021’s album Nocturnal Manoeuvres proved to be an even more formidable trojan horse, finding it’s way into the Top 75 of the UK album chart, and subsequent standalone 7” Theme New Bond Junior (released in March 2023) gained the duo a coveted No.1 in the UK Vinyl Single Chart. 

For all the chaos and aggression in Tunic’s songs, the Winnipeg trio is haltingly perceptive and emotionally resonant. Composed of singer-guitarist David Schellenberg and drummer Dan Unger, the punk band is responsible for bracingly intense full-lengths about the anxieties and insecurities of daily life, including the 2021 LPs Quitter and Exhaling. But with their third album Wrong Dream, which is out via Artoffact on April 28, they’ve written their most introspective and adventurous music yet. Across nine unpredictable songs, they grapple with integrity, grief, tumultuous relationships, and universal questions that come with trying to do the right thing. Co-produced by Seth Manchester (The Body, METZ) and stand-in bassist Drew Riekman (Blessed), it’s a document of a band pushing themselves as far away from complacency as possible to make something intentional and compelling.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Blood basks in grasping the most opposite poles of energy, making them sit right next to each other to see what gold can be parsed from the uncomfortable. Their latest record sits at this tension of being pushed away only to be pulled back in. The collage of deviating styles and pretty mistakes brought up in the mix, reveal a band pleasurably crashing their previous vehicle, which was not yet ready to stray from the tired masculine bravado of contemporary punk.

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