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Wild Beyond ~ Skumstrike ~ Cryptic Void

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, July 26
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7:30pm

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM

Wild Beyond
Unforgiving, nihilistic blackened thrash metal from the heart of Philadelphia! Featuring past and present members of Deava, Infernal Stronghold, Woe and Woods of Ypres, Wild Beyond scorch the earth with blazing black metal and savage thrash on their self-titled debut. Philadelphia trio Wild Beyond has reveled in spontaneity and the unexpected ever since the band took shape smack-dab in the middle of the 2020 pandemic. While their vision was clear from the start — Fast, unrelenting black metal paired with the savagery of early thrash — the members of Wild Beyond have channeled their unbridled energy and angst into something that exceeded their most humble of expectations. It explains why, then, Gates of Hell Records was so quick to sign Wild Beyond for the release of their eponymous debut album.

Formed in the icy depths of Montreal in the winter of 2017, Skumstrike seek an unholy union between the raging punk of that city and the glowing-red aggression of ancient thrash and first-wave BM. Formed by LA (Profane Order) on strings and ZS (Serpent Corpse, Xanadoo) on vocals/ceaseless battery, ‘Demo 2017’ soon issued forth, followed by the nascent ‘Pure Coercion’ EP, which first showcased the cadre’s hideous melding of pounding hardcore with the primal madness of early Voivod and 80s Germanic steel. Spilling early blood on the stage with acts like Outre Tombe, Occult Burial, Devil Master, Profane Order, Saccage, Enforced, High Command and Napalm Raid, the group took a leap forward with their debut release on Caligari Records, ‘Execution Void’, in 2020, while ramping up live shows around eastern Canada.

Cryptic Void
Cryptic Void hails from Houston, TX and have been keeping Gulf Coast Grindcore alive since 2014, delivering a fresh take on the old school approach to grindcore of furious blast riffs and groovy death metal breakdowns. Their debut release, ‘Psychic Transgressor’, was a sadistic two song tease followed up quickly by ‘Psychomanteum’, an intense assault that set the stage for everything to come. Next was, ‘Wasteland’, a promotional demo for the debut full length ‘Into the Desert Temple’. Beginning to end, this album only lets you take a breath to flip the cord only to hit you even harder with side B. No surprise as the band was formed by ex-members of such bands like Insect Warfare, P.L.F., War Master or Dissent.

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