P.L.F. ~ Sulfuric Cautery ~ Chepang ~ Bandit at Kung Fu Necktie

P.L.F.Old-school crusty grindcore band with a strong thrash metal influence from Houston, TX. https://poweritupplf.bandcamp.com/album/crushing-fury-of-bastardizationSULFURIC CAUTERYSulfuric Cautery started in 2015 in an effort to rip off some of the fastest and most brutal of all grindcore bands, being Last Days Of Humanity, Warsore, Shooting Spree, and Deterioration mainly.https://goatgrindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/chainsaws-clogged-with-the-underdeveloped-brain-matter-of-xenophobesCHEPANGRipping IMMIGRINDCORE  collective  from the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal to NYC  . Utterly unbound and obliterating all boundaries and facets of extreme music, borders and nationalism since 2016.https://chepang.bandcamp.com/BANDITRoom-clearing grindcore from Philadelphia.https://banditgutterpunk.bandcamp.com

Team Toxic (Future + Megan) Night at Kung Fu Necktie

*Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entry* *Attendees are encouraged to wear masks while not actively drinking*”When the liquor hit then a 😈 get TOXIC” This month MEGAN THEE STALLION joins TEAM TOXIC (Future Night) We’re done fighting our demons. Our demons whooped our asses. So get ready to fight TOXIC with TOXIC as we play ALL THE HITS from both FUTURE PLUTO HENDRIX and MEGAN THEE STALLION We also got some select hits from other TOXIC artists, trying out for a spot on TEAM TOXIC: 🚩 Meek, Ye, Nicki, Cardi, & Gunna 🚩 You can help us decide who makes the cut- on Saturday, February 12th from 10pm – 2am at KFN, Philly A FAME LUST EVENT