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Hillbilly Casino ~ Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, July 11
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7:30pm

AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these tickets.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM

Hillbilly Casino

In a town known for ‘hat act’ pop country, and slick production, the Hillbilly Casino has been working hard.  Since 2005, the band has been an anchor of Nashville’s underground roots music community.  Booking their own local shows, and touring across the US and Europe with acts as diverse as Brian Setzer, Rancid and Yelawolf, and releasing their own records, The Hillbilly Casino took the best of the DYI ethic from the punk scene, and applied it to their very own brand of real american music. Drawing inspiration from early rock and roll and blues, to punk, metal and everything inbetween, these four have created a sound and attitude that is unforgettable.  Featuring former members of Brian Setzer’s Nashvillains, BR549, and the Blue Moon Boys, The Hillbilly Casino has a roots pedigree that comes through in their writing and playing, and a live show that has blown away audiences from all over the world.

Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys
A lifelong mission to keep real music alive and dangerous. Bloody fingertips, thunderous chords and a soul-haunting voice will deliver you songs about Sin, Love, Heartbreak, Murder, Tornadoes and Drinking until you wake up under a random barstool.

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