Jarren Benton

**All events 21+ — Valid ID required for entry**Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMFour years after being voted in by fans as the People’s Choice selection for XXL’s 2014 Freshman Cover, JarrenBenton is starting over. He’s a seasoned veteran doubling down on the lyricism he made his name on, but his new music experiments with new emotion and bottles up the last few years of his life. In 2012, the Decatur emcee began making a name for himself on the outsider indie label Funk Volume, where he carved out a unique brand of ferociously lyrical, tongue-in-cheek horrorcore. At the label, his early mixtapes carried titles like Huffing Glue with Hasselhoffand Freebasing With Kevin Bacon, equal parts comedy and terror, like a goofy slasher flick come to life. Benton’s time with Funk Volume was punctuated by a debut album and a follow-up EP (My Grandma’s Basementand Slow Motion Vol. 1), national and international tours, and then, in 2016, the label’s sudden fold. Ever since, Benton has been reinventing and reintroducing himself. “People were introduced to me as the ‘Skitzo,’ guy” he says, harking back to his breakout single nearly seven years ago. “They had a certain expectation that was very outlandish, very lyrical. Lately its’ been more personal.” Benton has been a prolific mixtape artist and voracious rapper throughout his career, but his albums have been heavier and more carefully tuned. Last year he released The Mink Coat Killa, an album-length homage to the gritty New York hip-hop sound Benton grew up admiring from afar. Benton’s new music also looks ahead by nodding back, rekindling a working relationship with his longtime producer Kato—the executive producer of his new album—and throwing his styles in a blender: part lyrical attack, part journal-like reflection, still a little disturbed. “I think when people listen to an artist from Atlanta, they have certain expectations of what they’re gonna hear,” Benton says. “My shit is very left from the artists from Atlanta, but it still embodies that sound.” The new tracks find a middle ground. Benton still has a flair for the dramatic, but instead of raps that brood with bitter reflection, he sounds like he’s having fun again. “People wanted to hear that fun Jarren,” he says. “It was getting too dark.” Still, there’s a bite to everything Benton touches, and even his upbeat bangers have a caustic edge. “Money Bag” sounds like an extended taunt at the industry, Benton borrowing a radio-friendly flow to charm his way into the door and detonate the party with a twisted eccentricity. On the lead single “Don’t Need You” Benton lifts the veil on the pent up and mysterious behind-the-scenes drama that led to Funk Volume’s close. It’s the first time Benton and Hopsin have reunited since the label broke up, and the collaboration snaps the focus back onto the type of masterly lyricism that ingratiated fans in the first place. There are also tracks like the pensive “Shooter,” where Benton climbs into the national gun control controversy and confronts mental health crisis. “I was really debating putting that song out there because of what’s going on,” Benton says. “The song is basically inside the mind of a high-school shooter. But it accounts for what this person is going through on a day-to-day basis to make them feel this way. I hope that people don’t think this is insensitive. The intentions were not malicious, I didn’t want people to think I was making fun of this.” After a career of hopping back and forth from frantic lyricism to considered introspection, Benton has figured out how to occupy both lanes at once.


MELTTMeltt is a collection of four multi-instrumentalists sonically painting their own dreamscapes with psychedelic-guitars, swelling-synthesizers, powerful-drums, and ethereal-vocals. Currently falling somewhere in the category of indie/ psych- rock, the band has been praised for their combination of heavy riffs, colourful instrumentation, detail oriented production, and multi-layered song- writing. With an equal love for the blissfully tripped out and the powerfully crunchy corners of music, a Meltt album or show is designed to transport the listener to spaces they have only previously dreamt of. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their second album which they hope to release in Spring of 2022.https://open.spotify.com/artist/2iHrc69sZgyWFBAhLpS3oH?si=RJwbir6nQQOYhNhsAHi9cw&nd=1

Rest Etiquette ~ The Manipulators ~ Canid

**All shows 21+ — valid ID required for entrance**Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMREST ETIQUETTERest Etiquette is a Folk/Punk/Post Punk group hailing from Phillyhttps://restetiquette.bandcamp.com/THE MANIPULATORSSka punk for ska people. https://themanipulatorsmusic.bandcamp.com/CANIDhttps://canidpa.bandcamp.com/

Red Rum Club

RED RUM CLUBLiverpool-based alternative/indie sextet Red Rum Club craft catchy songs with western-inspired undertones.All six members originally played in separate bands before joining together in 2016, featuring Fran Doran (lead vocals, guitar), Tom Williams (guitar, backing vocals), Michael McDermott (guitar, backing vocals), Simon Hepworth (bass), Neil Lawson (drums), and Joe Corby (trumpet). The first time they entered the rehearsal space, many of them had not met before, although they bonded musically from the get go — aided by their extracurricular activities outside of the band, including weekly boxing sessions together. Their debut single, “Alone Together,” arrived months after forming, but it was a full three years before they had written and recorded their debut album, 2019’s Matador, which saw release through Modern Sky. Their sophomore LP, The Hollow of Humdrum, arrived the following October, bringing a wider palette to the group’s retro-centric style.

Quelle Chris

QUELLE CHRISWhen an artist consistently creates at the forward edge, there are no guardrails. Quelle Chris has been comfortable at the boundaries, leading Hip-Hop since he started.    Quelle’s vision extends beyond genre or format. He continued broadening his creative ambitions even beyond his own legendary four album run (BYIG, Everything’s Fine, Guns, Innocent Country 2) and worked with Chris Keys to compose part of the score for the Oscar-winning film “Judas and The Black Messiah” with director Shaka King.The new album, “DEATHFAME,” is a sonic treatment produced by Quelle himself, along with Chris Keys and Knxwledge. The record carries on like an incredible lost tape found at a flea market. It explores, unflinchingly, every moment of the trials the early 2020s has brought to all of us. Guests Navy Blue and Pink Siifu lend brilliance to the dynamic and unexpected new album coming May 13th on Mello Music Group.https://quellechris360.bandcamp.com/

Tea Head ~ Noah Richardson ~ Down Dresser

**All events 21+ — valid ID required for entry**Doors: 7:00 pmShow: 7:30 pmTEA HEADTea Head is an Indie-Alternative Rock band based in Philadelphia, PA. Forming in 2018, Tea Head quickly became a popular name around the DIY music scene. In 2020, Tea Head signed with Freedive Records. Their first album, “Bachelor,” was recorded at Little Brother audio, in West Philly, and was released in October of 2021.https://teahead.bandcamp.com/NOAH RICHARDSON Noah Richardson, (23) is an alt-pop artist out of Philadelphia. Writing music in his funeral home basement, Richardson’s artistry has received interest all over, from NBCs’ “The Voice”’ to Unclear Magazine’s “Next Artist to Watch”. Richardson in less than a year has gone from playing the streets of Philly to playing in front of 15,000 people.  https://open.spotify.com/artist/360NtdnCpSL0T7eyEphdWW?si=iT2GKdvsRCKG1mJSiXIRCA DOWN DRESSEROne mans routine is another mans vicious cycle.Down Dresser are a musical collective originating in the sleepy suburbs of Philadelphia. Typically playing alternative music with inspirations in soul, rock, and psychedelic elements.Hoping to be here awhile, and its wonderful to meet you all.https://downdresser.bandcamp.com/

Purling Hiss ~ Limousine Beach ~ Rocky MTN Roller

**All shows 21+—Valid ID required for entry**PURLING HISSPurling Hiss is the rock music project of American multi-instrumentalist Mike Polizze. Based in Philadelphia, the project was named so because of its heavy use of distortion and white noise. https://purlinghiss.bandcamp.com/LIMOUSINE BEACHLimousine Beach is a Sizzle Rock band from the tepid streets of Pittsburgh PA.https://limousinebeach.bandcamp.com/ROCKY MTN ROLLERAppropriately named after a make shift rat trap used in the backcountry cabins of the Rocky Mountains;RMR is grimey vibes, soaring guitar with gutteral vocals. Influences like Alice Cooper, The Stooges, Thin Lizzy, and Blue Oyster Cult can be heard.https://rockymtnroller.bandcamp.com/

Boys of Fall ~ Amora ~ Cheer Up Dusty

**All events 21+—valid ID required for entry*Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMBOYS OF FALLMidwest alternative rock. https://www.instagram.com/boysoffallband/AMORAWith their cold and erratic sound, Philadelphia’s, Amora delivers hard-hitting instrumentals with lyrics that observe and critique 21st century life. The band’s new single & video “Stay Pony, Golden Boy” is out now on Heading East Records. The song is a modern take on post-hardcore that also pays homage to the history of bands that paved the way for this 5-piece.https://open.spotify.com/artist/0lBBc1Km27MTf4QFimFy5c?si=tlIn3w0zSKSGBpeOAlZNCACHEER UP DUSTYCheer Up Dusty was started in January 2019 by lead singer Justin Humenik after a mental breakdown and exit from local band Make Shift. Spending 2019 on the first release, Dusty soon went public in November of that year. For their sophomore release, they joined by longtime friend/collaborator Pat Desiato on bass guitar. During that time, the duo would go on to meet Alex Scarin who was added on guitar and not soon after, Paul Berthold on drums to round up their lineup. The quartet are now writing new material, playing shows and expanding to an overall media project. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5q3IEYLUoXQp2Io1kAyDE5

Veda Rays ~ Frend ~ Mandy Valentine

VEDA RAYSVeda Rays are an alternative rock band which began as a modern extension of traditional dream pop, indie & post punk. The group has since developed a unique voice through several years of steadfast experimentation, making records, and filing through the ranks of the Brooklyn DIY scene. Analog synths, treated samples, and other varied electronic elements add an atmospheric richness. The orchestral flourishes and texturally nuanced sonics oft times broaden the scope unto cinematic heights or tighten the focus down to minimal depths. The lyrics and imagery often explore liminal spaces of abstraction and surreality, channeling subconscious impulses reacting to the present moment.https://vedarays.bandcamp.com/FRENDPost-hardcore heartbreak.  Melodically screaming about hard feelings over angular hooks and heavy grunge.  It’s very cathartic for everyone involved. https://frendtheband.bandcamp.com/ MANDY VALENTINEhttps://mandyvalentine.bandcamp.com/music

DJ Deejay’s Emo Night Philly

Come join us at DJ Deejay’s Emo Night Philly, the OG of the “emo night”. Started in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia in January 2011, “Emo Night Philly” is the longest running party of its kind. Sing along and dance with us at Kung Fu Necktie, one of the coolest dive bars in all of Philly. My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, The Used, Pierce the Veil, Good Charlotte, Modern Baseball, Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Mayday Parade, Green Day, The Starting Line… 21 & over